Edouard was born the youngest son of a small noble family. He was always a bit of a wastrel and upon reaching the age of majority he was given his inheritance in bulk and told to make his own way in the world. Up to this point that has mainly involved flitting between his friend’s houses and attending as many parties as possible. Thankfully he has his two trustworthy servants, Anton and Anastasia, to keep him organized and safe. His two main points of pride were being the life of any party and his membership in mode du lac, the Montaigne fashion society.

That was until he attended a party held by one of his dear friends and was thrust into a kidnapping plot. Since then events have proven to be bigger than he thought involving the church and a fair number of Montaigne nobles. At this point he is not so sure what his future holds. He has assuredly been connected to the group he now finds himself with and so any attempts to go back to his old life will have to wait until the people who may wish him harm due to his involvement are dealt with. At the same time he is aware that Montaigne will be quite a bit different by the time they are done.


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