Degaré Leveque d'Aur

Uninspired Noble with a Quick Sword


Degaré is a tall, Montaingian noble with fair features that typically look bored. He’s generally socially awkward but usually gets by on his good looks and family name.


Degaré hails from the well known militarized family of d’Aur in the North of Montainge. He has historically had little ambition when it comes to life, except when it involves a pretty face that he fancies.

His parents shipped him off to Military Academy, as most d’Aur children are, and there he excelled in all of his classes, easily landing in the top of his class with. However, it was also there that he met whom he has long held is the love of his life. Or, rather was. Despite him being completely enamoured with her, already planning their marriage and life together, she left him. He tossed the ring he never got the chance to present her into the ocean and lost what little drive in life he had.

From there out, he just went where he was directed, following orders and attending required parties as necessary. Until a fate witch, a fae, and an Ussurian archer ended up crossing his path…

Degaré Leveque d'Aur

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