A Skjaern Wanderer


Long red hair, but shaved down to the skin on both sides. Braided down the back. Beard trimmed short. Green eyes.

  • Chest: Stylized rooster inlaid with Vesten runes, rising arc of the sun/top arc of the Prophet’s Cross behind.
  • Arms: Vesten knotwork
  • Sides of head: Runes and knotwork

Currently wearing:
Long blue Montaignian riding coat, Gray pants, a Montaignian officers shirt with the sleeves cut off, calf-high boots.

Brawn 3
Finesse 3
Wits 3
Resolve 3
Panahce 3

Keen Senses (+1 unkept die to sense-based rolls, excluding common)


Sorcery – Laerdom
Kjøt (Flesh) 1
Bevegelse (Empathy) 1
Fornuft (Gateway) 1
Grenseløs (Unbound) 1
_Stans (Calm) _ 2
Reise (Journey) 1
Sinne (Anger) 1

Civil Skills
Cookiing 1
Diagnosis 1
First Aid 1
Flora 2

History 1
Oratory 2
Singing 1
Writing 1

Dancing 1
Etiquette 1
Fashion 1
Oratory 2

Appraising 1
Socializing 1

Martial Skills
Hand Axe
Attack 2
Parry 1

Climbing 1
Footwork 3
Sprinting 1
Throwing 1
Leaping 1

Attack 1
Fletcher 1

Dirty Fighting
Attack 1

Ride(Horse) 1


“Fate goes ever as it must.”

Born Kasen Eirikson, seventh son of Jarl Eirik Lykkesmed, he should have had a relatively easy life. Even when it was determined that he would be trained in the Way of the Runes, it should have set him for good life.

If Kurt, an Eisen monk, had put his hut in any other place, it might have remained so.

Instead, Kasen met and befriended the missionary. His studies of the Vesten ways were entwined with that of the Prophet. Kasen could not ignore the truth he found in either way.

When he returned home, he tried to convince his father. He might have succeeded had an illness not taken Jarl Eirik.

The new Jarl, Kasen’s eldest brother Hakon, was far less open to any notion that only the Vesten ways were correct. His favorite brother, Kettil, had been killed in a raid against the Vendel.

Hakon was counseled that he should not have Kasen executed. There was too much magic upon Kasen as a seventh son and a skjaern. Thus, Hakon told Kasen to leave his lands and to never return. As a final insult, Hakon took Kasen’s arm ring and had it melted down in front of him.

Over the next year, Kasen lost what little he had left. His fine clothes. His money. His jewellery. He became a wanderer. He eventually wound up in Montaigne, during a Lily Festival, where the adventure begins.


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